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Trumpeter Models has put together a fine representation of the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien. Highly detailed deck installations include ladder, life boats, large cargo bay doors, and several cranes for moving supplies that are being transported to the troops. A small set of decals p...
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As accurate scale reproductions of historical ships of significance and modern day naval advancements, our selection of plastic model ship kits includes vessels from World War II, the Cold War era, modern times, and even civilian class ships. With the attention to detail put into the model ship kits of each era, some high-level painting skills are valuable assets when completing the models to look like scale replicas of their real-life counterparts. From their one or two piece hulls up to the masts, smokestacks, and battleship conning towers, these ships provide modelers with the details they seek in a model ship kit. Each military ship is equipped with full arsenals accurately representing the naval weaponry of the time, while included accessories like scouting seaplanes and helicopters add to the realism of each model ship replica.

Whether it is a civilian or military model ship kit, each plastic part has been cleanly molded to the highest quality. Photo etched pieces are included in many of the model kits to ensure even the smallest pieces are accurately presented at the same scale as the rest of the ship being assembled. Deck rails, safety nets, observation nests, anchors, and even screens for exhaust stacks are just some examples of the meticulous scale detailing that has been put into these plastic model ship kits. Many of the ships even include display stands and name plates for a professional museum-style appearance that will look great in any home, office, or classroom.

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