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Our plastic model car kits are available in an array of categories featuring dependable American made muscle cars, foreign automobiles, and high-octane racing cars, as well rugged trucks and SUV's. Revell, Trumpeter, and AMT capture the body and styling of the original automobiles while preserving the fine craftsmanship and distinguishing features of each vehicle for accurate and precise plastic models that are a great addition to any car enthusiast's collection. Ranging in scale and skill level, plastic model car kits provide all model enthusiasts with cars that are challenging to build but allow for a selection within their level of expertise. Experienced modelers will appreciate the intense detailing and showroom quality of the Trumpeter car model kits, while those just beginning will love the smooth, glue-free introduction the Revell Snap Tite plastic model kits that allow them to easily construct scale replicas of their own. Each car model kit is complete with exploded blueprint instructions, step-by-step manuals, and decal placement and painting guides to help with the entire building and detailing process, but our kits also offer different finishing variations to customize your car replicas even further. Opening hoods, chrome parts, realistic dashboards, authentic logos and decals, accurate hood ornaments, and elaborate engine detailing are just a few of the nostalgic features and impressive qualities of the plastic car models featured at Modeler's Workbench.
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