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The Testors Liquid Cement for Plastic Models makes gluing the tiniest pieces of your plastic model kits simple and easy. Joining polystyrene to polystyrene by dissolving and cementing, Testers Liquid Cement bonds virtually every kind of plastic modelís pieces together. Also i...
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Regardless of a modelerís skill level or which plastic model kit he or she is about assemble, we feature a variety of plastic model cement to ensure a strong bond between all scale plastic pieces during every stage off the model assembly process. The budget friendly tube of plastic cement is still standard issue to most beginning modelers, but it tends to be a little more difficult to work with when compared to the glues and cements designed for precision applications. Shaped applicators allow modelers to apply the plastic cement to even the smallest, most difficult to access parts of any plastic model kit.

Our glue and cement selection also features instant adhesive for those models with highly detailed photo-etched brass parts. It takes some of the difficulty out of using photo etch by ensuring it adheres to the model quickly. If windows need to be assembled on a plastic model, then clear parts cement should be used. It provides a strong bond with no yellowing, but it can also be used to fill small portholes on plastic model ships that donít have molded plastic portholes. Much like clear parts cement ensures the best looking windows, decal set adhesive is the best way to ensure all authentic markings stay in their appropriate places for as long as you display the assembled plastic model.

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1oz. Liquid Cement w/ Applicator
Regular price: $5.55
Our price: $4.71
7/8oz. Tube Plastic Cement
Regular price: $2.75
Our price: $2.33
1oz. Clear Parts Cement w/ Applicator
Regular price: $5.95
Our price: $5.05
1/4oz. Bottle Decal Set
Regular price: $1.85
Our price: $1.57
Model Master 1 floz. Precision Cement
Regular price: $7.80
Our price: $6.63
Model Master 1/4oz. Instant Plastic Adhesive
Regular price: $6.95
Our price: $5.90
Model Master 1/2oz. Clear Parts Cement
Regular price: $5.19
Our price: $4.41
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